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GOLD Package – Wedding is coming

GOLD Package – Wedding is coming
Why choose this package and what does it have from it?
This package was created by our team as a result of years of work on wedding events. At the beginning of its establishment, the organization aimed at helping the newly-married couples on their wedding day. For years, newlyweds increasingly needed professional advice, how to start their organization, and at what stages it would go. So we began to analyze what each wedding needs in planning and organizing. Having accumulated the necessary analysis and questions asked by our newlyweds, we built the GOLD package – a complete organization.

One of the main goals of this package is to create a relaxed atmosphere around the newlyweds throughout the planning and organization of the upcoming event. They get advice from a Wedding Agent with experience, how and what to choose for their wedding. This includes decorations, decorations, wedding venues, photographers, restaurants, guides, DJs, excerpts, and more. When the wedding agent becomes acquainted with the newlyweds, you can judge what they really like and exactly what they want for their wedding.

Meetings with restaurants, photographers, guides, DJs and more are going on. Where the wedding agent floats in his own waters! He can offer you the best option at the moment, can negotiate discounts, share potential issues or promotions, advise you on things you do not even know. All this is precisely planning and organizing a wedding event.

After the stage finding the right places and teams the wedding agent continues to work to Control the upcoming event. To inform you about problems that have arisen and how to resolve them, keep in touch with the teams and give them information about the event, etc. Ensure that everything goes according to the decoration and design of the wedding.
Help on the day of the wedding in case of problems, payment to suppliers, control over the exported ritual, control of the hosts when the guests enter the restaurant, etc. Track the cost of orders from the restaurant as well as control the entire budget before the wedding.

Without this package you are deprived of the opportunity of all this information and you risk having your wedding day in inappropriate places or with inappropriate people as well as inappropriately decorated!

This is an invaluable package that can save your free time and save you many problems and financial losses! We dare to say that we manage to organize perfect events and take control of them.

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